We offer a wide range of services

Banking, finance, and the capital market

  • Regulatory advice for banks and financial service providers
  • Creation or revision of draft contractual documentation in relation to financing
  • Legal due diligence of financial entities/projects
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Czech National Bank and the Financial Arbitrator
  • Representing clients in disputes relating to the financial market

Competition law

  • Acquisition and concentration of undertakings
  • Protection against the abuse of competition
  • Protection against unfair competition
  • Enforcing claims arising from unfair competition
  • Representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition and other competition authorities

Corporate law

  • Due diligence of corporations
  • Changes in the amount of registered capital
  • Advice in holding general meetings and exercising rights at general meetings
  • Advice relating to corporate changes in companies
  • Preparation of agreements on performance of the office (executive contracts)

Criminal law

  • Defending private individuals and legal entities
  • Representing injured parties and parties to criminal proceedings
  • Legal support in criminal proceedings
  • Preparing extraordinary appeals
  • Representation for asserting claims for damages and non-pecuniary damage relating to a decision or maladministration in criminal proceedings
  • Legal representation in criminal proceedings for enforcement

Employment law

  • Preparation of all employment documentation
  • Terminating employment
  • Advising on and setting up structural and organisational changes in firms
  • Comprehensive advice relating to temporary agency work
  • Legal advice for employees
  • Representing employers and employees before the courts and administrative authorities

Energy sector

  • Regulatory aspects
  • Engineering, construction, and management of energy sources/infrastructure
  • Legal due diligence and acquisition of energy sources
  • Supported (renewable) and conventional sources of energy
  • Trading with electricity, natural gas, thermal energy, and associated services
  • Mining and trading of fuels/energy commodities
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office, the State Energy Inspectorate, and other institutions

Intellectual property and IT law

  • Defence against the infringement of rights in proceedings before administrative authorities (including customs authorities) as well as civil court proceedings
  • Preparation and revision of contractual documentation, including licensing agreements
  • Registration of industrial property (especially trademarks) in the registers of the Industrial Property Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation
  • Legal assistance in the seizure and destruction of counterfeits on the market via the customs authorities

International arbitration and investment protection

  • Structured arbitration clauses
  • Resolving complicated commercial disputes
  • Dispute resolution and expert activities
  • Proceedings on termination, recognition, and execution of arbitration awards
  • Protection of cross-border investments – bilateral investment treaties (BITs)

Litigation and arbitration

  • Representation before the courts, especially in commercial disputes and when reviewing administrative decisions
  • Domestic and international arbitration in the role of representative or arbitrator
  • Ensuring the enforcement of court decisions and arbitration awards
  • Out-of-court dispute resolution
  • Arranging legal representation for foreign disputes

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Preparation and structuring of transactions for sellers or purchasers
  • Legal due diligence of target assets, including vendor due diligence, the Q&A agenda, or organisation and management of the data room
  • Preparation and revision of transaction documentation
  • Legal support relating to the signing of transaction documentation and during transaction settlement
  • Legal advice after executing transactions
  • Company transformation 

Personal data protection 

  • Implementation of the GDPR
  • Legal advice during inspections by the Office for Personal Data Protection
  • Services of a data protection officer for clients
  • Organising internal training relating to the GDPR
  • Revision of commercial contracts from the perspective of the GDPR

Public procurement

  • Preparation of procurement terms, including template contractual documentation, preliminary market consultation
  • Ongoing advice during the procurement process
  • Preparation and completion of bids
  • Drafting objections and proposals for the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • Representation in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition and courts in relation to procurement procedures
  • Consultation in relation to compliance with the rules of competition as a part of procurement procedures

Real estate and construction law

  • Real estate acquisition consisting of transaction advice and in-depth legal due diligence
  • Real estate management and leasing
  • Legal support in relation to preparing property development projects
  • Legal representation as a part of zoning and construction proceedings, including any environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Legal support in relation to real estate financing

Restructuring and insolvency

  • Filing claims
  • Representation in creditor bodies and institutions
  • Representing debtors in insolvency proceedings
  • Preparing reorganisation plans
  • Preparing proposals for granting debt relief
  • Representing clients in incidental disputes

Sports law

  • Agreements on the performance of sporting activities
  • Functioning and management of athletic associations and clubs
  • Transfers and sponsorship and marketing contracts
  • Dispute resolution and disciplinary proceedings
  • International sports arbitration (CAS)