Energy sector

We provide comprehensive legal services relating to the legal regulation of relations in the energy sector. Our clients include major players in the area of electricity, natural gas, heat, and supported/renewable sources of energy (in particular, solar energy, hydropower, wind power, biogas, and biomass). We focus on legal support for clients as a part of constructing new or modernising existing energy sources and distribution networks, trading in energy (electricity, natural gas, heat), or energy commodities (including biomass and solid fuels). In addition, we represent our clients in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office, the State Energy Inspectorate, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, or other administrative authorities and courts (including defence in criminal proceedings).

In the area of energy sector, we provide the following services in particular:

  • Regulatory aspects
  • Engineering, construction, and management of energy sources/infrastructure
  • Legal due diligence and acquisition of energy sources
  • Supported (renewable) and conventional sources of energy
  • Trading with electricity, natural gas, thermal energy, and associated services
  • Mining and trading of fuels/energy commodities
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office, the State Energy Inspectorate, and other institutions

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We have already assisted clients with the following:

EPC negotiations and transaction advice in connection with a wind turbine energy project

Legal advice to a group of investors in connection with the construction of a wind park, including the process of negotiating contractual documentation with technology suppliers and the subsequent sale of the project company to a target investor.

Acquisition of electricity generation/regulatory aspects

Legal advice in connection with the acquisition of generation sources, in particular, photovoltaic power plants and biogas installations, consisting of transaction advice and the regulatory aspects, as well as verifying the target source’s entitlement to operational support.

Legal support in the construction and operation of electricity generation

Comprehensive legal advice to a major Czech EPC entity in the area of supported/renewable sources of energy during construction and O/M electricity generation.

Acquisition of biogas installations

Legal advice relating to acquisition and the subsequent operation of biogas installations.

Support with respect to expanding on foriegn energy markets

Legal advice in connection with foreign investors relating to the energy sector (research on the legislative framework for public support and other regulatory aspects).

Creation of contractual documentation for the supply of energy

Creation and continual updating of contractual documentation for major traders of electricity and natural gas, including EFET contractual documentation for the supply and procurement of energy outside the Czech Republic (EFET).

Construction and operation of a gas turbine, technical compensation services

Legal advice to an investment group in relation to the construction and operation of a peaking power plant in the Czech Republic and during negotiations for providing  technical compensation services as a part of the provision of ancillary services to the operator of a transmission grid.

Legal support in the lease of thermal power sources and securing thermal power supply

Legal advice in relation to the lease and management of thermal power sources and suppliers of heat, including the issue of pricing.

Criminal defence in relation to public support for RES projects

Defence of private individuals and corporations in criminal proceedings concerning public support and the issue of energy licences.

Negotiating long-term contracts for the supply of coal

Legal support for a client in concluding long-term contracts for the consumption and supply of fossil fuels (brown and black coal).

Representing a client in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office

Successfully representing clients in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office and in administrative courts regarding outstanding operational support.