Banking, finance, and the capital market

We provide comprehensive legal services in the area of banking and finance for banks, credit institutions, investment companies and funds, as well as for their clients. Our legal services consist of, among other things, consultation relating to banking regulation, including representing clients before the Czech National Bank, preparing and revising the terms of contracts, especially for project financing, legal due diligence of financed entities and their projects, and preparing legal opinions on specific issues relevant to financing.

We also focus on capital market regulation. We would be happy to advice clients, such as stockbrokers, investment companies, or even financial mediators, with the ever-increasing regulation of their activities. We also provide advice during inspections by supervisory bodies or in disputes with customers. In addition, we can easily assist clients in implementing all of the regulatory requirements in specific areas.

In the area of banking, finance, and the capital market, we provide the following services in particular:

  • Regulatory advice for banks and financial service providers
  • Creation or revision of draft contractual documentation in relation to financing
  • Legal due diligence of financial entities/projects
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Czech National Bank and the Financial Arbitrator
  • Representing clients in disputes relating to the financial market

We have already assisted clients with the following:

Legal support to a bank as a part of RES project financing

Providing legal advice to a major bank relating to the financing of energy projects (biogas installations, photovoltaic power plants, local distribution networks, small hydroelectric power plants, and others), including preparation of legal analyses for the regulatory aspects.

Representing a debtor during the refinancing of energy projects

Legal advice to the operators of generation sources in the area of project financing, including the refinancing of existing loans.

Regulatory advice to an investment company

Legal advice to an investment company relating to the regulatory aspects, including representing the client before the Czech National Bank.