Sports law

In the dynamically developing field of sports law, we provide clients with comprehensive legal advice consisting of the preparation and revision of agreements regarding the performance of sporting activities, the agenda of domestic and international transfers, or concluding sponsorship and marketing contracts.

In addition, we represent clients in all phases of all types of disputes relating to sports and athletics, such as court or arbitration proceedings and international sport arbitration before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS). We also have experience in representing athletes in disciplinary proceedings at the national and international level (e.g. UEFA).

We also focus on the functioning and management of athletic associations and clubs, preparation and revision of the internal regulations of associations and other organisations, and disputes arising form association law (typically actions related to declaring decisions of an association’s executive body invalid).

For some time now, two of our lawyers have held the position of arbitrator – member of the Board of Arbitrators – of the Czech Football Association, where they resolve a variety of disputes relating to sports arbitration. Our clients include major athletic associations and their service organisations, clubs, athletes, and their agents. The experience of our lawyers is presented below.

In the area of sports law, we provide the following services in particular:

  • Agreements on the performance of sporting activities
  • Functioning and management of athletic associations and clubs
  • Transfers and sponsorship and marketing contracts
  • Dispute resolution and disciplinary proceedings
  • International sports arbitration (CAS)

We have already assisted clients with the following:

Contractual agenda for sports and dispute resolution in sports

Assessing a range of contracts and decision-making relating to disputes between clubs and players or trainers, between clubs regarding the transfer and hosting of players, the payment of severance and training compensation, or between registered mediators and players or member clubs.

Disputes relating to association and sports law

Advising the largest Czech athletic association in many domestic disputes arising from association and sports law.

International sports arbitration (CAS)

The members of the office have experience with providing advice to the largest Czech athletic association and club as co-defendants in several international sprots arbitration cases (CAS).

International disciplinary proceedings (UEFA)

Representing an athlete who plays in a foreign club in international disciplinary proceedings (UEFA).

Representation agreements

The members of  the office have experience in providing advice during the revision of an agreement for a first-league team with a new chief trainer or revision of a representation agreement for the largest Czech athletic association.