Criminal law

In the area of criminal law, we provide comprehensive legal services to private individuals and legal entities relating to defence and the advocacy of rights and legitimate interests of injured parties in criminal proceedings, including claims for damages, non-pecuniary damage, or unjust enrichment. In addition, we focus in particular on property crimes and economic crime.

We are ready to provide clients with comprehensive criminal law advice in connection with assessment of the possible risks of criminal liability, in assessment of the criminal aspects of transactions, and the internal processes of businesses.

We also provide valuable legal assistance for providing defence, questioning witnesses, house and other searches, securing property, requests for information, and other actions relating to criminal proceedings.

In the area of criminal law, we provide the following services in particular:

  • Defending private individuals and legal entities
  • Representing injured parties and parties to criminal proceedings
  • Legal support in criminal proceedings
  • Preparing extraordinary appeals
  • Representation for asserting claims for damages and non-pecuniary damage relating to a decision or maladministration in criminal proceedings
  • Legal representation in criminal proceedings for enforcement

  • Legal advice

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With respect to the sensitive nature of criminal cases, we do not provide specific references. However, we are ready to provide support in all phases of criminal proceedings, both to private individuals and corporations.