In the field of personal data protection and processing we are offering a wide range of legal services for controllers, processors and data subjects. We are ready to help controllers and processors with complex project of implementation of General Data Protection Regulation or with consequential check of GDPR implementation. We provide services of Data Protection Officer (DPO), legal advisory or representing the client in case of control by The Office for Personal Data Protection, or representing in case of any dispute with data subject. Naturally, we are able to organize training in the area of GDPR in accordance with the client’s wish. We will be pleased to help with claiming data subject’s right to controllers, filing complaints to The Office for Personal Data Protection or representing the client in the legal proceeding with controller.


We have provided legal advisory with implementation of the General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) to many subjects; the most important are:

  • Czech company that is part of multinational pharmaceutical group focused on healthcare and pharmacy
  • Czech group of companies engaged in cleaning and communal techniques
  • group of exchange offices operating on the whole area of the Czech Republic
  • Czech company that is part of worldwide group delivering laundry and cleaning products, cosmetics, adhesives and glues
  • Czech group providing solutions for drawing employee benefits
  • significant Czech construction holding
  • Broker insurance company


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