In the field of legal regulation of the relations in the energy industry, we provide, among other things, consultancy regarding regulation and proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office. We also give advice to clients engaged in generation of, distribution of and trade in electricity, gas and heat. We have extensive experience with consultancy in the field of renewable energy sources (solar power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants, biogas stations or biomass incineration facilities).


  • Representation of operators of production resources before the Energy Regulatory Office in connection with licensing procedures, adversarial procedures concerning claims on operating aid etc.
  • Advising group of investors in connection with wind park construction including negotiation process on contractual documentation with technology suppliers and subsequent sale of project company to the target investor
  • Advising in connection with acquisition of production resources, mainly photovoltaic power plants, including advising on transaction and compliance aspects as well as verification of target resource claim for operating aid
  • Complex counselling provided to major Czech EPC contractor in the field of supported energy sources
  • Advising on construction and operation of biogas plants
  • Advising in connection with foreign investments in the field of energetics
  • Preparation and continuous update of contractual documentation for major electricity and gas traders including EFET documentation for energies supply and procurement outside the Czech Republic
  • Advising investment group on construction and operation of peaking power plant in the Czech Republic and providing legal support during negotiation of provision of technical substitute within framework of provision of supporting services to the operator of transmission grid


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