When addressing disputes, we search for the most advantageous solution for our clients. We help our clients reach amicable settlement of disputes, which is usually most effective in terms of time and costs. If such solution is not possible, we represent clients in court proceedings in the Czech Republic. For foreign disputes, we provide our clients with legal representation through our collaborating colleagues abroad.

We also have extensive experience with arbitration proceedings, both with proceedings before the Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic and with proceedings before arbitration courts at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC), the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) and the Vienna International Arbitration Court (VIAC). We also provide representation in ad hoc arbitration proceedings, including proceedings under the UNCITRAL arbitration rules.

The most frequent disputes that we address as part of our practice are disputes arising from purchase contracts and contracts for work, industrial disputes, disputes related to unfair competition, disputes over the protection of industrial property rights and disputes over the protection of personality. We also have a wealth of working experience with specific online arbitration proceedings in disputes over domain names.


  • Representation of the biggest sport association in disputes based on association and sport law
  • Representation of major Czech company operating among others in the field of chemistry, agriculture and food industry in arbitration proceedings against foreign petrochemical holding
  • Representation of central state administration body and the biggest collective administrator of copyrights in domain disputes before arbitral court
  • Representation of transnational holding operating in the field of payment solutions in unfair competition dispute
  • Representation of major Czech trader operating among others in the field of transport of solid fuels in disputes with principals
  • Representation of major stockbrokers in disputes related to compliance with conditions for securities trading
  • Representation of foreign insurance company in putting forward damages claim in the Czech criminal proceedings
  • Advising Czech company in UNCITRAL arbitration • Advising Czech company in ICC arbitration


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